Surrey Connects to encourage local investment

Surrey Connects hopes to double the county’s economy to £52bn by 2030 through investments in sustainable growth.

The economic development firm will launch its Invest in Surrey initiative, responding to business investment enquiries from firms looking to relocate to the area or via Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

The scheme will provide a single point of contact for investors or businesses hoping to set up in Surrey, including an ‘Invest in Surrey’ website, working in collaboration with Surrey County Council, UK Trade and Investment and partners in district and borough councils.

Surrey Connects hopes this inward investment strategy will allow the county to deliver economic growth, creating new jobs and prosperity.

Mark Pearson, chief executive of Surrey Connects, emphasised how important it is to raise the profile of Surrey to attract new firms:

“Invest in Surrey is the start of a journey and the start of something going forward,” he said.

“It is about the Surrey pitch and the offer we can make. Surrey is a great place but we need to show we are open for business.

“Surrey is one of the most prosperous counties in the UK and home to many multi-national businesses backed by a strong enterprise culture. We want to build on this strength and encourage more firms to invest in the county.

“We are a location for exciting businesses, and we have got the skills to attract other organisations. We have got a high skill level.”

Elsewhere, Surrey’s economy has shown continued improvement, with unemployment falling. The Surrey Economic Prospects for October revealed the number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance this September was down to 8,969 from 11,682 in the same month in 2012.

Peter Martin, deputy leader of Surrey County Council, added:

“Surrey is a powerhouse of the UK economy. Our county is the location of choice of the fastest growing industries that are driving the UK economy forward, backed by pioneering technology.

“It is a key ambition to ensure Surrey plays a significant role in the sustainable growth of the UK economy, so that we might all share in the benefits.”